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Sarah Sidders’ works in a number of disciplines drawing inspiration from the experience of landscape, and passage through it. Stillness - to observe and encourage thought, movement - to enable remote access, mindful reflection, a sculptural interpretation and an awareness of time on the landscape’s geology, topography and geography. 
These observations can reveal the transformation of landscape through the consequence of human behaviour, and for Sarah they lead to a narrative drawn from themes such as species decline or global warming explored through two dimensional work, that gradually evolve into a garment. The garment maybe wearable or unwearable but it is the figure, or its suggestion, that will then return to inhabit the landscape albeit briefly. The language of clothing can be universally interpreted, often conveying identity, and clothing as art requires manipulation, redesigning and altering, moving away from convention and offering a dialogue.


Sarah lives and works in Bath as an artist, teacher and artist-in-residence.
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