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“Concentric Networks, May 2005” is taken from the complex road and transport networks that comes out of Central London, spreading like a cobweb, the petals of a flower, the arteries around the heart or the patterns in the iris of the eye. It is constructed out of second-hand garments typical of any white-collar worker, with the patterns of the checked shirts echoing those of satellite images. The colours represent the different types of landscape – the more green the fabric the more rural.


The piece is about how the capital is a nucleus for commerce and industry; with the figure rising out at the M25 (the conventional hem), characterising how the metropolis draws the rural landscape into it, exhausting it, consuming it. I performed the piece in two different locations in London: Trafalgar Square and next to City Hall on the South Bank.


May 2005, London, 50 square metres, fabric and thread.

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